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Warehouse floor Leveling in St. Louis, MO

Warehouse floor Leveling STL

Introducing the King Pier – The Proclaimed Biggest & Strongest Foundation Piering System being sold today! #kingpierstrong

Warehouse floor Leveling STL –  The King Piers Team went down to Fenton, Missouri to install King Piers to raise the existing sunken concrete floor in the warehouse and office as well as Stabilize the foundation wall on the entire backside of the warehouse. Water infiltration was also an issue that kept happening when a heavy rain came to Fenton, Missouri, so we also installed a French Drain in the back of the building. Most French drains do not have pipe, but a dug trench with 3/4 inch to 1″ aggregate rock to filter the water to a spot in the yard that will carry the underground water away from the building or home. King Piers LLC uses in addition to rock in the French Drain two 4 inch perforated PVC Pipe going to a “pop up” valve out away from the home or building. This makes the French drain more efficient at carrying large amounts of water away from a home or building.

The Trugreen folks in St. Louis gave the King Piers LLC Team 5 STARS! 

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