Water Infiltration Issues Done Right!

Water Infiltration Issues Done Right!

Kansas City, Missouri Homeowners contact us today or call 816-521-8915 for a 25% SAVINGS on WATERPROOFING your BASEMENT!

King Piers has a Flawless track record in Solving Water Infiltration Issues as well as RAISING and STABILIZING a sinking FOOTING! The King Piers – Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is a NEW way to Raise a SINKING FOOTING back to its correct level elevation. Keeping water out of your basement is not as difficult as it may seem. A WATER TRACK system along the perimeter of the wall underneath the floor, using 2 – 4″ PVC Pipe with 2 drilled !/2″ holes drilled through the PVC. The pipe will be sitting next to each other against the wall and 1.5′ below the existing footing under the floor, so I use duct tape to hold the PVC together while applying adhesive and placing the PVC elbows prior to placing in the perimeter interior trench. I always wrap the pipe 2 times with a filter fabric that allows water to enter but keeps the dirt out, prior to placing it in the trench. I looked at a project the other day that a big-name foundation repair contractor did and I was absolutely shocked at what I saw. The King Pier way is to saw cut through the concrete prior to using a jackhammer. This company never used a saw at all. They just jackhammered along the perimeter of where the floor meets the wall. This causes tiny stress cracks that will in a short period of time leak all over and onto the basement floor. These hairline tiny cracks will end up getting wider in time, thus causing a good place for water to infiltrate the basement. Friends, King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist should be your first choice in picking a qualified foundation repair contractor to WATERPROOF your home. King Piers – Foundation Repair Specialist has an A+ Rating with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU  www.bbb.org. Above that, King Piers has a Flawless record of Solving FOUNDATION REPAIR issues. Call TODAY at 816-521-8915 or GO to www.kingpiers.com for a FREE Estimate on any of your foundation repair issues. Why pay more when you can get the BEST for LESS?

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