Waterproofing Stone Foundation on a Historic Home in Waldo

Waterproofing Stone Foundation Waldo

The King Piers Team finished waterproofing a  stone foundation in Waldo. We started scraping the old mortar and waterproofing compound that was old and falling off the wall. We used concrete mortar to fill any holes or cracks that had developed over 85 years. This stone foundation had been neglected for a very long time but remained Stable and in pretty good shape. Check out some pictures of the walls after the King Pier Team was complete with the job. This home has no Sump Pump but should have no water infiltration issues because we sealed every nook and cranny we could find on all 4 walls. For security the owner wanted us to also remove the 4 windows in the basement and secure them using Concrete Cinder Blocks. The 2 holes in a Cinder Block should be filled with concrete mortar for this window enclosure to be done correctly.  The total bid was $3500 to totally restore this stone foundation less the cost of the window removal and replacement with Cider Block.

The King Piers Foundation Pier & Footing Stabilization System is the only Foundation Pier that actually Lifts and Squeezes the stone tight back to its correct original position. 

To date, the King Pier has not failed 1 time after being installed. The King Pier System is a new innovative way to really permanently raise and stabilize a sinking footing.

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