Why do cracks appear in walls and ceilings?

Why do cracks appear?

crack in walls

We all are aware of cracks in walls and ceilings. You must have seen them in old heritage houses, forts, and even in our good old homes. They occur due to several reasons from natural deterioration to construction-related problems.

 They can appear when wooden doors or windows shrink or expand due to environmental influence. For example, when doors and windows experience their first rains, their wood tends to expand. This can cause cracks in the walls due to extra pressure.

The cracks can also appear due to environmental factors like strong winds or storms. They can also appear if you had tried to move heavy furniture or machines in your house from one place to another. Things like piano, pool table, or any other heavy object can easily create those dents in walls and ceilings.

If lately, water was dripping from your walls due to incessant rains or failure of insulation systems, then cracks can appear in walls and ceilings, owing to moisture.

If there are huge trees around your house then their roots can also inflict damage to your walls. As the roots will expand, they will make space for growth by breaking the walls. This will reflect as cracks all over the walls.

In case, you live in an earthquake-prone area, then there are chances that your walls and ceilings will experience cracks, due to continuous changes beneath the ground. Besides, as houses get old, normal expansion and contraction of building materials cause cracks in the walls and ceilings. This is like showing signs of aging.

It is important to get them repaired to enhance the life of your house and other buildings.

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