You Can’t Go Wrong with King Piers

You Can’t Go Wrong with King Piers!

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Foundation Repair KCMO

Foundation Repair KCMO

Foundation Repair KCMO

Foundation Repair KCMO 

Before-King Piers LLC

After-King Piers LLC

February 11, 2015

If you think we are not still in a drought, think again. All over the Midwest our King Pier regularly travels to pier up a sinking home at the footing using our Copyrighted and patent pending foundation piering system call the King Pier System.  With over 4000 plus King Piers installed all over the Midwest the last 10 years, without a FAILED King Pier. The King Pier Methodology never calls for drilling holes into an already cracked, deteriorated concrete footing or foundation wall setting on the footing. The King Piers way always goes with Engineering Sound practices. Thousands of homeowners all over the Midwest knows that the King Pier was the best investment for foundation piering of they’re home for two very important reasons 1) The King Pier is the Biggest & STrongest Foundation Pier Ever Engineered 2) Affordability. You can’t go wrong with King Piers!

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Foundation Repair KCMO

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